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"Hi, United Roofing, I'm your customer, your company did replace my roof, thank you for you guy's work, I was not at home, my wife already told me how your company worked for us, from got quote to be done well, all are great, honesty! I'll do referrals for your company if whoever I know need to do work for their roof, thanks again!"

​                                                        2018.06

"I wondered how bad my roof was, then your company United Roofing sent one people to check, told me the truth that roof should be replaced in this year, don't try to take risk, before anything happened to the roof in this Winter. As I know, most of the roofs at the same street had been replaced in past three years, finally I decided to replace and to be done properly. I want to say 'thank you'! "


​                                                        2018.08

"As I think your company is more reliable."

"You replaced my friend's roof, he gave me your phone number."

"Do a good job, I trust you!"

"It's tough work, they work hard."

"Always try to do work as good as you can."

" You guys work fast!"

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